"PASHA Private Banking" offers
high returns on USD deposits
“PASHA Private Banking” department of “PASHA Bank”, the country's leading corporate financial institution, which provides services for high-income individuals, makes a special offer on USD deposits.

Accordingly, when placing a deposit starting from USD 100,000, depending on the period and amount, it is possible to get an annual return of up to 1.5%, and at the same time, it is possible to take advantage of a number of advantages provided by “PASHA Private Banking”.
Its worth emphasizing that “PASHA Bank” is the only bank among the country's leading financial institutions that offers the mentioned profitability percentage.

Persons who make a minimum deposit of USD 100,000 in “PASHA Bank” are considered direct clients of “PASHA Private Banking”. Accordingly, such customers are given the opportunity to take advantage of all the special advantages and privileges provided by “PASHA Private Banking”. The services and products provided by “PASHA Private Banking” help to make customers` life easier, and most importantly, to discover new horizons for their wealth.

The services of "PASHA Private Banking" include a personalized approach that will make customers feel different, a personal customer manager who will manage all banking processes, investment advisory service from a professional financial team, exclusive offers from a large partner network, as well as discounted or free offers on a number of banking services.

Customers can transfer their existing accounts to "PASHA Private Banking" by placing a deposit in the Bank, and if they do not have an account, they can open a new premium-class account. Deposit boxes are also provided to customers depending on the deposit amount.
It should be noted that "PASHA Private Banking", which started operating in 2011, is the first institution providing services for high-income individuals in Azerbaijan market.

For the past years “PASHA Bank” has been distinguished in the nominations of “The bank providing the best Private Banking services”, “The best investment bank”, and “The best banking group” as part of a number of prestigious international awards.

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