PASHA Private Banking
Privacy Policy
PASHA Private Banking is a trusted partner offering private investment and wealth management solutions designed to increase your wealth and make your life more comfortable. We offer customized financial services and products to suit your needs, as well as innovative and alternative solutions based on your portfolio while ensuring that your personal information is fully protected and secure.
Our role in your privacy
İf you are a PASHA Private Banking customer or subscriberç or just visiting our website, this policy applies to you. If you are agreeing on a contract - but we also tell you a bit about how we process your data on their behalf in the @What about if I am just signing a contract through PASHA Private Banking?" section below
Our responsibilites
If you are a visitor to our website we act as the 'data controller' of personal data. If you are a registered customer of PASHA Private Banking as the "data processor" of personal data. This means we determine how and why your data are processed
Your responsibilities
  • Read this Privacy Policy
  • If you are our customer, please also check the contracts between us: they may contain further details on how we collect and process your data
  • If you provide us with personal; information about other people, or if others give us your information, we will only use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us.
What about if I am just signing a contract through PASHA Private Banking?
If you are on the other side of a contract processed through PASHA Private Banking, but are not a registered user, we act as the "data processor" of the PASHA Private Banking customer who has sent you the contract: this means we only process your data to help us provide our service to our customer, or in accordance with our customer`s instructions, or as required by law