Discretionary Portfolio Management: Active Portfolio Management
With Active Portfolio Management solutions, you can delegate the management of your portfolio to our experts. Our designated Portfolio Management team will analyze, constantly monitor your portfolio, react to market changes and leverage their financial knowledge and experience to meet your investment objectives. Our Actively Management styled portfolios mainly follows three tailored strategies:
• Dynamically allocated portfolios
• Trend following portfolios
• Low volatility portfolios
Tailored Portfolio Management
Our specific Risk Profiling questionnaire, gauges your investment risk profile, bearing in mind your needs, risk appetite, and your risk taking ability. Whether you want to passively invest based on your investment profile, you can take an exposure in equity linked products, or from very conservative to aggressive growth portfolios. Or you can passively invest in capital protected portfolios, which protects your portfolios downside, but at the same time offering potential upside.
Our Passively Management styled portfolios mainly follows three tailored strategies:
• Five portfolio types based on your risk profile (very conservative, conservative, balanced, growth, aggressive)
• Capital-protected portfolios
• Equity linked portfolios.
Execution Services
We understand you might wish to manage your own assets and you already have specific investment decision. This service provide you with direct access to our executed services. We will take care of all the administrative aspects for you, from execution to reporting and more.
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